It must be holiday time…..


Around the holidays the excitement and stress of “family” gatherings loom.  It’s a time meant for catching up and reconnecting.  However since my mom has passed away, holidays just feel very strange and a little empty.  

I mean I miss her a little almost everyday and then there are days when it is almost overwhelming but contemplating an up coming holiday just makes it hurt so much more.  

She didn’t just cook the food or bake the pie, she created the atmosphere, the glue.  A friend of mine once said that after your parents die, the contract with the siblings is done.  I’ve thought about that a lot.  Is that true?  We try to keep in touch and go through the motions but lately and especially after losing mom, I feel like I’m on my own.  The person that knew me best, who really saw my heart is gone.  She knew all the players, shared the inside jokes, and above all things put me and my daily stuff first.  She was my best friend, my partner in crime, and the ultimate touch stone.

I miss you Wilma Vae.











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